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Welcome to the RFD Customfirearms (Rude Fat Dog) eCommerce site

We are a Section 1 and Section 5 firearms dealer registered with 

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (RFD 621)

Unlike some of our competitors who are 'Hobby' Firearms Dealers and are only available 'after hours' or at weekends,  we are available to service your orders and answer your questions during the whole working week and at the weekends by email. We have two dedicated Police monitored Armouries and sell direct from our Showroom or through this our eCommerce site. We do not keep our stock in a couple of Gun cabinets in our bedroom or garage and do not sell our firearms parts from the boot of our car - we offer a professional service. 

Due to the extremely volatile exchange rates the listed prices may change so should be used to give an approxiamate idea of the prices.

Please be aware that all 'Restricted' items i.e. complete Firearms, Bolts, Barrels and Receivers, must be shipped to a Registered Firearms Dealer. 

If in any doubt pease consult your local FEO prior to ordering.


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Featured Products

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1894 Screw Pack - Blue

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